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    It just came out in my country.


    The game is fun, but the lack of online multiplayer and low player number (4) makes it stale really quickly outside of the new episodes.


    One thing that might help, other than the obvious two above and handling issues (please provide a sensitivity adjustor), could be to give the four multiplayer characters exclusive gadgets.


    These gadgets only appear for this one character, fitting the character, but appear at a slightly lower rate than regular gadgets. Examples:


    (Clarkson) An aggressive orangutan who thinks with his... hammer. Exclusive gadgets are offensive

    - Hammers: For a limited time, repeatedly throw Hammers to slow down players.

    - POOOWERR: Less powerful than More Horsepowers, but can knock people out of the way and can be spammed (like Golden Mushroom from Mario Kart).

    - Missile: Like a Green Shell. Can be blocked by Lead Balloons and Candy Fogs


    (Hammond) After all his crashes, the lil' Hamster has taken the defensive route

    - Anti-Crash Tech: Temporarily immune to any gadget, only lasts for three seconds.

    - Hammond Effect: For 10 seconds, anyone who smashes into you will suffer from engine failure. If not, well...


    (May) Strategic mind means a a slow but steady sabotage. But you'll probably end up last anyway.

    - Whee Box: A boombox that launches surrounding cars into the air. Saying 'whee' is a requirement. Just don't let the buttons get glued.

    - G-Wiz Drop: Drop a G-Wiz onto whichever bloke is in 1st place.

    - Boost Drop: Because you're so slow, drop a boost pad that anyone can use. Make sure you put it in a good place, or somewhere deadly


    (Eaton) The pro racer gets gadgets that reward good driving.

    - English Drift: When active, powersliding can grant you a speed boost (like in Mario Kart). A drift gauge appears, and builds up the longer you hold your powerslide. Just don't crash into a wall like Hammond. Or let that oaf Clarkson ram into you.

    - English Speed: Maintain velocity above randomly assigned speed (e.g. stay above 100mph) for 5 seconds, while not crashing or getting hit. And you can get a random Gadget.



    I think it would be a cool idea.

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    Hi, I've been very interested in purchasing this game. However, it does not seem to be available on the local or regional PS Store. The website does not exactly mention which continents the download code on Amazon will work in.


    For specifics, I am living in Singapore.


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