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    posted a message on 4 Xbox One achievements broken/glitched since March 1st update

    The 4 achievements are working again.

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    posted a message on 4 Xbox One achievements broken/glitched since March 1st update

    4 of the Xbox One achievements are no longer unlocking. The Friday, March 1st update has glitched them. The achievements, their descriptions, and the episodes they are found in are as follows:

    1. Shutterbug (Earn Gold in all Colombian Photo Challenges) - Season 3, Episode 2 & 3
    2. Hook 'em Hero (Earn Gold in all Colombian Towing Challenges) - Season 3, Episode 2 & 3
    3. Sharpshooter (Get gold medals on all Caerwent Target Challenges) - Season 3, Episode 4
    4. Fire Breaker (Get a Gold Medal in all three fire challenges) - Season 3, Episode 6

    These didn't unlock even though I got all golds in every scenario of the respective episodes.


    Could you please address this issue with a future update/patch, perhaps alongside the release of the next episode?


    Further information:


    I tried re-completing the requirements and this didn't unlock the achievements.

    I deleted my save file, created a new one and re-completed the requirements. This didn't work.

    I hard reset my console and this didn't work.

    I entered every menu, the stats screen, changed options, and a variety of other measures to try and trigger the game's recognition that I had completed the requirements, again with no luck.

    I used an alternative profile to check if my profile was the problem, and the achievements didn't unlock on that profile either.

    I have noticed that this issue has arisen for a number of other Xbox One users. From discussing the issue with them, many of them have also tried a variety of steps in an attempt to unlock the achievement with no success.

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